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Anthony Thomas

Anthony Thomas

April 6, 1971 - August 8, 2010

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08/08/10 09:00 PM #1    

Brenda L. Williamson

R.I.P. Anthony Thomas. A fellow classmate of mine since junior high. You put up a very
courageous fight which only proves what kind of beautiful and spirited person you were.
You had a smile and an energy that would make people stop and look when you walked
into a room. I will always remember you and keep you in my heart. You are safe and pain
free now, so Rest In Peace, and may your family find peace too, they are in my prayers.


08/09/10 12:47 PM #2    

Ian Perry



  We talked not to long ago. Although I could hear in your voice you were getting tired, you continued to plug along. Your now in a place where there is no pain. Look down upon us all and smile about the things you got to accomplished while you were here. I know you lived most of your life to the fullest, and I'm so glad to have gotten to grow up with you. I wish your family the best during this difficult time.


Your Boi



08/10/10 03:22 AM #3    

Kevin Van Wetter

Anthony, was a good man, always a strong cmompetitor. I am sorry to hear of his passing and the pain he must have endured, my prayers go out to his wife, Belinda and family.

We all had some good times in John Muir and later in SLHS, although many of us made new friends and became busy in our lives. Those memories we shared will last as long as we walk this earth.

Gods blessings on you brother~


Kevin V.W.

08/13/10 11:33 PM #4    

Heidi Edwards (Hall)

After highschool, we briefly went to the same community college class together.  He always called me "smiley" which I thought was funny, because I don't think I smiled all that often.  If I were to give him a nickname, it would be smiley !  I am so very sad to hear of one of us who have left this place at such a young age.  My sincere condolences go out to his family.  On the flip side though, he is in a better, happier place where there are no worries, no hurts, no struggles.  I know he is looking down on all of us and wishing us all the best !!!  xoxoxo 1989 SLHS peeps !!

08/27/10 12:24 AM #5    

Belinda Rocke (Thomas)

I fell in love with Anthony when I was 15 years old... I met him because I was always cutting Mr. Milton's 6th period drama class, and he was always coming out of the gym after working out.  He took me out on my first "real" date, to a play at school that the drama class put on, where I proceeded to not talk, nor want to eat.  Boy how things changed.  Neither of us remember the name of play we went to nor the date we went.  But he loves to tell the story of how I waited until we got almost to the door before I told him that I didn't have any money.  He laughed at me then, and laughs every time he tells the story.  Not so funny for me back then...  Glad we got past it though.  We found each other again in 2007 after a 14 year separation, and got married.  I loved him with all of my heart and soul and miss him more than any words can ever describe or explain.  Anthony was a good soul and always wanted to help others, and loved to cook for everyone and their "grandma".  Crazy when there was only two of us...  I miss his smile and his voice... The voice that never changed after all of these years...  I am so glad to hear all the nice things that everyone is posting about him, he would have loved them as well...

Anthony, where YOU used to be in my world, there is now a hole in MY heart. A hole in which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling into at night. I miss you more than I ever thought I could.... 


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